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Father's Day Gift Guide for Beer Lovers 2023 Edition

It is that time of year again, Father's Day is just around the corner. No clue what to get Dad or Grandpa this year? Does he love IPA's or Stouts at his Father's Day cook out? If so, here are some unique gift ideas for Dads who love beer.

Craft Beer Dads

Are you on the lookout for the perfect gift for your dear old dad? Well, look no further because we've got just the thing - a 64 oz refrigerator keg! Now, we know what you're thinking - "why would my dad want a keg in his fridge?". But hear us out, it's not just any keg - it's the perfect size for a quiet night in, a small gathering with friends, or even a Father's Day celebration. Plus, it's super convenient and fits right in your fridge! So, give your dad the gift of convenience and fun with a 64 oz refrigerator keg. Trust us, he'll be thanking you for years to come. Cheers to dad! The craft beer loving Dads will love keeping their favorite craft brew on tap in the fridge.

Growler Insulate Tote

Does Dad like to pick up a growler of beer from his favorite craft brewery or brew his own beer? Father's Day is just around the corner, and if your dad is a craft beer connoisseur, then you're in luck! Forget about boring gifts like socks or ties, and surprise your dad with a Growler Insulated carrier that will keep his favorite brews cold and fresh. With this handy carrier, he can take his beer on the go, whether he's heading to a picnic in the park or a tailgate party. Plus, it's perfect for those hot summer days when a cold beer is the only thing that can quench his thirst. Trust us, your dad will be the envy of all his beer-drinking buddies with this cool and practical gift. So go ahead and make his day, and cheers to a happy Father's Day!. 

Personalized Bar Glasses

 Picture this - your dad, kicking back in his favorite chair with an ice-cold brewski in his very own personalized pint glass. Can you imagine the look on his face when he sees his name in a bar logo printed on the glass? It's a guaranteed winner, folks. Plus, let's be real, it'll make his buddies at the pub green with envy. So why not treat your dad to a fun and unique gift that he'll actually use and appreciate? Trust us, he'll be raising a glass to you for years to come!


Tulip Beer Glass Set for Belgian Ales and More

These glasses are not only visually appealing with their elegant tulip shape, but they also enhance the drinking experience. The inward curve of the glass helps to trap the aroma of the beer, allowing for a more intense and enjoyable taste. Belgian Ales and sours will taste even better in these tulip glasses. Plus, let's be real, who doesn't love feeling fancy while drinking their favorite brew? So, go ahead and treat your Dad to a set of tulip beer glasses - he'll thank you for the thoughtful and stylish gift every time he takes a sip!


TrueBlade Bottle Opener in Matte Black

What list of beer gifts wouldn't be complete without a beer opener? We love this bottle opener in matte black. Made indestructible from stainless steel with a sleek matte black finish, and featuring an elongated arm for maximum leverage, you’ve got all you need for effortless opening.


Whether your Dad loves craft beers or traditional beers we have unique gift options for Father's Day.


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