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Set Up the Perfect Bar Cart

Bar Carts are the perfect way to have a personal home bar. If you live in a small apartment or home they are an ideal way to keep all of your bar items together and serve your guests without taking up much space. The bar cart is also ideal because you can easily move it around for your various party needs. Setting up your bar cart is easy to do and such a fun way to personalize your space.

Obviously the first step is finding your bar cart. There are many options available from gold bar carts, chrome bar cart, to wood bar carts. Whatever your style, there is a bar cart for your decor. Once you have found the bar cart of your choosing, it is time to stock the bar!

gold bar cart








Every bar needs bar tools, I love a full set like this chrome one, but if you find that overwhelming a simple shaker and jigger will fulfill most of your cocktail needs. Shakers also come in many fun colors and styles to fit your personal style. A wine opener is also a vital bar cart tool. You can choose from a simple corkscrew variety like this, an electric model, or my favorite the lever style.

 Now you need glassware! First things first you need some wine glasses. I like a stemless wine tumbler, but there are many varieties of wine glasses available. If you and your friends love wine, you may want some red wine glasses and white wine glasses for your collection. I like to have a fun cocktail glass available and some classic tumbler glasses for spirits like bourbon. 


Speaking of spirits, you may also want some crystal decanters for your bar cart. You can display your whiskey in a nice cut crystal decanter which creates a luxurious aesthetic.

Now you have all the things you need for your personal bar cart except the liquor! When you head out to the store, I would suggest a nice vodka, gin, tequila, and a couple bottles of wine to get started. Invite your friends over and it's time for a party!



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