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Super Bowl Cocktail Rhianna Inspired Cocktail

Halftime Show Cocktail

When thinking about theme cocktails for the Super Bowl, I always look to what colors the teams use. Team color inspired drinks are really the go to theme drink when it comes to Super Bowl party planning. This year, I decided to be different and theme my cocktail after the half-time show. Honestly, I am only watching for the half-time show and commercials anyway.

The 2023 Super Bowl entertainment is Rhianna, so to google I ran to pull ideas for this cocktail. The possibilities were of course endless for song inspired drinks, but I stumbled upon an article which featured a rum punch recipe Rhianna herself recommends. The article made a large batch of punch, which sounds fun, but maybe too tropical for the Super Bowl. So this Rhianna inspired drink recipe is a tweak to that recipe.

 So grab your shaker, your jigger for measuring, and your favorite glass and let the games begin! Don't forget these football turf coasters to keep those pesky drink rings off your tables.

Rhianna's Half Time Show

 [[ recipeID=recipe-8ldmfftds, title=Rhianna Half Time Show Cocktail ]]

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