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Wine Openers Which is For You? Wine Opener Review

Your friends have just arrived for a dinner party with bottles of your favorite wine, which opener should you use to seamlessly serve your guests? Opening wine for yourself or your guests should never be a stressful experience.

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There are numerous ways to open your favorite wine successfully.  How do you choose which wine opener is best for your home bar? First let's break down the various options for opening wine. From pocket corkscrews, to battery operated and everything in between there is a wine opener that fits everyone’s needs. 


Traditional Corkscrew


gold winged corkscrew opener


This corkscrew option is an affordable and easy to use. The winged corkscrew twists right into the cork and then uses the elevated wings to leverage the cork up easily. As a bonus you can also use the top to open beers when you are not drinking vino. This winged corkscrew style is compact and lightweight if you are looking for an opener to take on the go to a picnic or on vacation. I personally keep one of these in my overnight bag permanently so I am never running around the hotel or gas station looking for a way to open my wine for the night. 

 Electric Wine Opener


electric wine opener


For people less familiar with wine an electric wine opener is a fantastic option. Within just seconds and a push of a simple button, your wine is open and ready to drink! I like this opener especially for wine newbies who struggle with using a traditional opener. However, for those of you with any arthritis or other hand ailments, this electric opener is also an excellent choice. The one touch operation is a no brainer for people who want a quick easy way to open their favorite bottle of wine. Battery operated and stylish, this electric corkscrew will fit in any kitchen, bar cart, or home bar and be ready to get to work.

Lever Style Opener

lever wine opener


Personally, this lever style of wine opener is my favorite. There is something sophisticated and reliable about a rabbit or lever wine opener. I especially like this lever style of opener for opening multiple bottles at a time, because it is extremely sturdy. So if you are throwing a party and need to open up multiple bottles, I like this wine tool. Lever wine openers are strong and do well with stubborn corks especially if you are working with an aged expensive wine. Don’t risk any broken cork pieces in that bottle of wine you have been saving for your anniversary. Although I am known to use this opener without removing the foil from my wine bottle first, the opener does come with a foil cutter so you can keep your wine opener working smoothly for a long time. 


Whichever wine opener you choose whether it is a corkscrew, electric, or a lever, the end result is a delicious glass of wine! We have all of the wine tools you need at everythingbarware.com so let’s start popping bottles together!

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