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4-Piece Faceted Tumbler & Hexagonal Basalt Stone Set by Visk

4-Piece Faceted Tumbler & Hexagonal Basalt Stone Set by Visk

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Crafted for the connoisseur, this 4-piece angled tumbler and rocks set provides a stylish sipping experience. The unique design of our crystal tumblers captures and enhances the aroma of fine spirits, just like the best sipping glasses. But the facets also refract light and show off liquid in a modern, enticing way that other glasses can’t match. Combined with two large hexagonal whiskey stones made of black basalt, this is a set that is as fun to look at as it is to sip out of. To keep your whiskey perfectly chilled, store your stones in the freezer. This keeps them ice cold for when you’re ready to use them. Then add them to your tumbler and pour your favorite libation. Enjoy the perfectly chilled and uncut sip. Each lead-free crystal tumbler has a 13 ounce capacity, leaving enough room to capture the aroma of fine sipping liquor, or to hold a creative craft cocktail.



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