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Savor Stainless Steel Spittoon

Savor Stainless Steel Spittoon

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Savor Stainless Steel Spittoon

Discover the perfect addition to any wine tasting room. The True Spittoon allows users to taste a wide array of the finest wines, without any messes or alcohol intoxication. Measuring 5.75” high and 6” wide, this wine spit cup has a large size that means users don’t have to put their lips against the rim, unlike with other personal spittoons. We built a spittoon with removable lid which allows you to break the product down, this reusable spit cup is incredible easy to wash and keep clean. A fantastic gift – This personal spittoon is ideal for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or just as a surprise gift for those who enjoy sampling the finest wines. It’s a great gift to the host of a wine tasting event.



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