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Host CHILL Cooling Wine Pour Spout, Gray

Host CHILL Cooling Wine Pour Spout, Gray

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Cool, pour and preserve with the CHILL™. Just pour the first glass, insert the cooling pour spout and enjoy perfectly chilled wine! After just two hours in the freezer, your CHILL™ is ready to do the hard work for you.
  • Cooling gel perfectly chills wine
  • Drip free pour spout
  • Air tight seal to stop and preserve wine
  • Colorful silicone stopper included
  • High quality box for easy gifting
  • CHILL: After just 2 hours in the freezer or refrigerator, your CHILL™ DELUXE will keep wine at the ideal serving temperature. Keep wine cold without diluting it with this wine chilling rod with built-in pour spout.
  • POUR: Avoid drips and messes with the built-in, drip-free pour spout. Pour the first glass of wine out of the bottle to make room, and insert the CHILL DELUXE cooling spout.
  • AERATE: The built-in aerator provides gentle aeration, introducing just the right amount of oxygen to enhance your wine’s subtle flavors. Not only is it significantly faster than traditional decanter methods, it enables you to enjoy wine at your leisure and at the perfect temperature.
  • PRESERVE: The CHILL™ DELUXE integrated leak-proof stopper keeps your unfinished bottle fresh. Comes with an included freezer tray to easily store so you always have a wine chilling rod on hand.
  • WINE should be served at the correct temperature for each varietal. Generally, white wines should be served cold at 43 to 53 degrees Fahrenheit, and red should be served at just cooler than room temp, around 58 to 60 degrees. We recommend pre-chilling whites in the fridge or freezer to ensure they s

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