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Whiskey Stones Ice Melts | 9 Reusable Natural Marble Chilling Scotch

Whiskey Stones Ice Melts | 9 Reusable Natural Marble Chilling Scotch

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Whiskey Stones Ice Melts

This is a set of Reusable Whiskey Cooler Set of Ice Melts, made of natural marble to chill your drink.

Nicely packed in a gift retail box.

Literally enjoy a "scotch on the rocks"! These stones eliminate a common problem for all connoisseurs of fine distilled spirits. It will add the perfect chill without diluting it down. Now all your favorite drinks are able to be served the way they were intended to be, pure and properly chilled.

Chill Rocks are non-porous, meaning, there is no odor or taste to tarnish your drink. Unlike ice, Chill Rocks provide a smooth chill that does not overwhelm the character of your beverage. Enjoy your time with an ice-cold whiskey or other beverage.


  • Allows you to chill your whiskey whilst retaining it's flavor
  • SGS Certification
  • Modern and ergonomic design
  • Completely washable and reusable
  •  Rounded edges to prevent scratching your favorite glass
  • Non-porous
  • Can be used to chill any beverage


  • Each cube is approximately 2cm x 2cm x 2cm
  • 9 in a set
  • Rounded Edges
  • Each stone weighs approximately 23g


  • 9 x Grey Marble Stones
  • 1 x Velvet Protective Pouch
  • Comes packed in 13.5cm x 9.5cm original cardboard box


Keep in freezer for at least four hours before use. Add approximately 3 to your beverage, let stand for minutes and enjoy. Rinse and air dry after every use and return to freezer till next time. 




Care Instructions

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